International clients

Drawing on our team’s professional background in banking, investment management, auditing and consulting, we focus on understanding our clients’ resources, positioning, and strategic aspirations. Our services span a broad spectrum: from book keeping to submission of accounts, corporation tax and personal tax. But whatever the scope, responding to our client’s individual needs in a bespoke way is the guiding principle of all of our engagements.

We serve as trusted advisors to a variety of high net worth individuals and businesses.

Our focus is on protecting and optimising their wealth.

Advisory Services

Total Compliance understands the principles underpinning tax efficiency and wealth protection. We keep in lock step with the rapid changes in the industry to ensure our client’s objectives are not just met, but exceeded.

Offshore Structures

Our specialist advisors devise offshore strategies and structures tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

Private Banking

Our range of additional banking services include offshore current account.

Trusts & Foundations

We establish and provide full trusteeship and administration in a wide range of Offshore Trusts.

UK Visa Applications

We can help clients obtain UK Investor and Entrepreneur Visas.